Manadas Creek reclaims its course at Shiloh Trail

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After last week’s heavy rain storm, this finger of Manadas Creek — truncated by Howland Engineering and Soliz Paving for a sewage easement for Monaco II subdivision — reclaimed its course and tore through the half-acre easement to which the developer helped himself to through the Shiloh Trail ecosystem.

Neither Howland, Soliz, or the developer have risen to mitigate their environmental assault on the trail.

The City Council had granted a 15-foot easement, but the developer took a 40-to-50-foot easement without a permit.

A Stop Work Notice from the City was issued during the land clearing and no permit for a wider easement was secured.

Howland Engineering offered a mea culpa before the City Council, took a little slap on the wrist, and promised to re-plant the area with native trees and grasses.

You are looking at the creek bed that moved tons of washed out earth, silt, and destroyed vegetation during the rain event.

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